Doug Bremner on Fox News about docs who are paid by pharma

For video click here.

This is an excerpt from the accompanying text:

Emory’s Dr. Bremner said he thought paying doctors to speak for drug makers was a bad idea. Bremner said he used to do it, until he got a wakeup call about six years ago.

“I was going out to give a talk and the sales, the marketing guy like, slapped me on the back and said, ‘Go on out there and sell some,’ I’m not going to say the name of the drug. ‘Sell some of that drug,'” said Dr. Bremner.

Dr. Bremner said he worried that even the most independent doctor can get hooked on all that extra cash coming in. “Doctors are human, and once you get into this routine of making outside income, you become dependent on it.”

Doug is author of the book and the blog “Before you take that pill.”

Check out this post from his blog.

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