Does your doctor take payment from pharma? See here

I was pretty checked out when all this hit the news a while back and never saw this amazing and useful database that ProPublica put together. One can look at all payments made to physicians in all 50 states. Most of the doctors I've seen are clean. I did once see Terrence Ketter at Stanford... Continue Reading →

Study: Pharma Companies Top Military Industry in Defrauding U.S. Government

Story on Democracy Now A new study by the watchdog group Public Citizen has found that the pharmaceutical drug industry has become the biggest defrauder of the federal government, surpassing the defense industry. Public Citizen found that the drug industry paid out nearly $20 billion in penalties over the past two decades for violations of... Continue Reading →

AstraZeneca to Pay $198 Million for Seroquel Lawsuits

This is all over the news and I'm feeling pretty burnt out on all of this so I've not been paying much attention. But it is a big deal so here you have it. Seroquel, like all the atypicals can cause diabetes and metabolic syndrome. I too gained about 100 lbs with Risperdal (an atypical... Continue Reading →

Review of Anatomy of an Epidemic by one of it’s casualties

This is a review written by Susan Schechter from If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going where it was published first. It's a painfully intimate review that only one of us, those who've been harmed, could write. Thank you, Susan,  for contributing this piece to Beyond Meds. Robert Whitaker's latest book "Anatomy of an Epidemic"... Continue Reading →

A Schizophrenia Mystery Solved? by Robert Whitaker

One of the enduring mysteries in schizophrenia research circles has been the disparity in outcomes between schizophrenia patients in "developing countries" and those in "developed" countries. The mystery arose in 1979 when World Health Organization investigators announced that, in a five-year study, patients in developing countries had fared better than those in the United States... Continue Reading →

Beyond Meds and Beyond the Dosies

Spit, Bristle and Fury posted commentary on the Dosie's and the post I published about them yesterday: Gianna Kali’s always informative and often pharma-critical blog, Beyond Meds was up for a Dosie — a new award “created to find the best examples of social media in pharma and healthcare.” Out of the 550 nominees, not surprisingly,... Continue Reading →

Doug Bremner on Fox News about docs who are paid by pharma

For video click here. This is an excerpt from the accompanying text: Emory's Dr. Bremner said he thought paying doctors to speak for drug makers was a bad idea. Bremner said he used to do it, until he got a wakeup call about six years ago. "I was going out to give a talk and... Continue Reading →

The loss of client agency into the psychopharmaceutical–industrial complex

How consumers of psychiatry get hooked for life. A brief synopsis from The free library: The psychopharmaceutical industrial complex (PPIC) and its adherence to the disease model pervades mainstream culture and greatly impacts psychotherapy. Consequently, the effects of the PPIC may have resulted in some psychiatric consumers adopting disease-model messages in ways similar to cult... Continue Reading →

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