there is no such thing as a monolithic state called depression

depression is always a mixture of many things...there is no such thing as a monolithic state called depression...the fact that people imagine that is the case, is a problem. (includes list of posts to rethink depression) … [click on title for the rest of the post]

TIME magazine takes on the dangers of SSRI use in mothers

TIME magazine interviewed Amy Philo an activist and mother who was poisoned with Zoloft after giving birth. She is an ardent fighter for the rights of mothers. The print version of TIME magazine has an egregious error. Here Amy talks about this article in her piece: TIME Magazine Retracts False Statement about Amy Philo (yes,... Continue Reading →

Mothers Act Fuels Multibillion Dollar Industry—Big Pharma’s open door

I recently posted Bruce Levine's article dealing with the mother's act and mental health screening in general and the dangers it poses. Here is an article by another fabulous critic and journalist who is quite prolific on the topic, Evelyn Pringle. We need to save a whole generation of kids out there. Write and call... Continue Reading →

Postpartum Depression: Cultural Disorder? — Bruce Levine

NO APRIL FOOL'S JOKE ZONE AHEAD Brilliant article from Z Magazine by Bruce Levine---I missed it back in October 2008. A sometimes reader and a friend who is the author of This Mama's Dharma alerted me to it. If you've EVER thought the mothers screening act was a good idea here are all the cogent... Continue Reading →

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