Mothers Act Fuels Multibillion Dollar Industry—Big Pharma’s open door

I recently posted Bruce Levine’s article dealing with the mother’s act and mental health screening in general and the dangers it poses. Here is an article by another fabulous critic and journalist who is quite prolific on the topic, Evelyn Pringle. We need to save a whole generation of kids out there. Write and call your senators today.

I’d like to add I’d feel differently about this if drugs weren’t the treatment du jour. Women need all sorts of support, no doubt, but this legislation is very dangerous.

From April 7 on Counterpunch:

Motherhood has fallen prey to the psycho-pharmaceutical complex. If new legislation known as the Mother’s Act becomes law, the drugging of infants through pregnant and nursing mothers will no doubt increase.

Congress has rightfully refused to pass this bill for eight years. The official title is currently the “Melanie Blocker Stokes Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Research, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act of 2009.”

The legislation was introduced in the House during the 110th Congress on January 4, 2007, by Illinois Democrat Bobby Rush and later reintroduced into both bodies of the new Congress in January 2009, after the bill died in the Senate last year.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez from New Jersey, home to a large number of drug companies, and Richard Durbin (D-IL) are the main sponsors of the bill in the Senate.

In a March 30, 2009 speech on the House floor, Congressman Rush identified the target of this piece of legislation when he claimed that, “60 to 80 percent of new mothers experience symptoms of postpartum depression while the more serious condition, postpartum psychosis, affects up to 20 percent of women who have recently given birth.”

After the House voted to pass the legislation on that day, the Congressman stated: “H. R. 20 will finally put significant money and attention into research, screening, treatment and education for mothers suffering from this disease.”

However, he only mentions screening and treatment for postpartum depression. The true goal of the promoters of this Act is to transform women of child bearing age into life-long consumers of psychiatric treatment by screening women for a whole list of “mood” and “anxiety” disorders and not simply postpartum depression.  (read the rest)

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  1. Hey Gianna,
    I DO plan on reading through all this. I just haven’t had the desire or the brainpower to blog yet. I can’t access my email today so I wanted to drop you a note here.

  2. Giann,

    Great article.

    Any bill that doesn’t get public disclosure, and publc debate is likely to be a bad bill.

    No hearing. No testimony.
    Chances are, it’s being fast-tracked for a reason….To make sure all the players get their kickback money.

    If there are any readers who haven’t signed the Mothers Act, please do so –

    It’s been passed in the House. It’s in the Senate.
    It needs to be stopped.


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