An open letter to liberals and feminists

As someone with left leaning political views who also identifies as a feminist I am repeatedly frustrated, disappointed and angered by the left’s neglect of the human rights of those who have been psychiatrized. On this blog I tend not to emphasize my politics outside the political issues surrounding mental health because regardless of our political […]

Book Review: Agnes’s Jacket

At Alison Bass’s blog, sounds like a great book. Excerpt here: When people exhibit signs of psychosis – they hear voices, they think someone is out to get them – more often than not, they are referred to psychiatrists who immediately put them on powerful drugs like Haldol, Depakote, Abilify or Seroquel. These drugs sometimes […]

No fixing “chemical imbalance”….

This video is excerpted from a full length documentary entitled “The Truth about ‘Schizophrenia’: Loren Mosher & Bob Whitaker visit Zuzu’s Place.” Loren Mosher was the first Chief of Schizophrenia Studies at NIMH and the founder of Soteria House, the wonderful residential treatment center where drugs were not used for psychotic individuals and there was […]

What happens if we listen to psychosis and other forms of mental anguish?

Knowing what I know now about outcomes for people labeled with schizophrenia, or people experiencing delusions, who are listened to, who are not told their delusions are crazy or wrong–that many of these people who are taken seriously recover, I often wonder what would have happened had someone listened to my delusions. If it had […]

Meanderings and Soteria House

This is an edited version of something I posted the first month I wrote this blog about a year and a half ago. I’ve grown since I wrote this and learned more about treating mental health issues naturally, I’ve left most of this piece unchanged, even though there is much more to add on this […]