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FREE for 48 hours (now just 24 hours)

red-tentI’m involved in my local Rent Tent group. I am finding deep healing among several largely non-professional groups in my community. My yoga community is one source, my ecstatic dance community is another, and women’s groups including the local Red Tent group is also bringing great light, joy and healing into my life.

There are ways to find healing communities that we ourselves create. Every human being can potentially create their own version and it may or may not look anything like mine or anyone else’s. I share some of the elements of mine on Beyond Meds, not so that it can be copied, but so that folks can start imagining how much more is out there besides the medical establishment that is failing so many.

Please, if what helps me doesn’t strike you as interesting or helpful, trust that your path may look completely different and still be just right.

I’ve not viewed this film yet but want to share it with my readers while it’s free. (just watched it! it’s a healing experience in and of itself, to know this exists. please enjoy)

Watch the Red Tent Movie completely FREE for 48hrs (Sept 5th & 6th). You can RENT the film in English with subtitles in Spanish, German, Portuguese, or English closed captions. Use this link & coupon code to get it free.

1. Go to:
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Note: you will need to create a account to watch the free rental.
This coupon will only be active on September 5 & 6th, 2014.
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See the trailer here:

Anita Diamant wrote the book The Red Tent: A Novel that inspired Alisa Starkweather’s vision: the ‘Red Tent Temple Movement‘. Though the book was about bleeding times, the movement has expanded to all the time.

From the Facebook page:

“Raise Up a Red Tent Temple. Raise Up a Woman. Together we are building with our collaborative support a woman-honoring culture for our daughters, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, selves in every village, city and town.” — ALisa Starkweather

JOIN US IN THIS GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT AMONG WOMEN THAT BUILDS SUPPORT FOR WOMEN LOCALLY IN THESE IMPORTANT TIMES. Honor your life as a woman, your bleeding cycles, your need to gather, our need to be in time that is not structured to see what can be created when we slow down and give ourselves time to connect and collaborate.

We launched the Red Tent Temple Movement in 2006-2007 and it is now so far in 37 states and 7 countries and growing because we are the women ready to make change happen now right where we live locally. In doing so we are connected together in this grassroot effort globally. This movement is a way for us to build a woman honoring culture, woman by woman one day a month in the support that we offer one another. It is a grand experiment to be sure as it will only happen if we want to build this sacred time together into our lives!

Menopause can be a magical time of growth and transformation (reframing may be necessary)

Menopause just like so much else in our modern life has been pathologized and women have been made to be at war with their own bodies because of this. Reframing what our bodies go through quite naturally can not only be liberating but transformative.

Menopausal stuff is becoming more and more an issue in the mix of my coming out of the psychiatric drug withdrawal. I’m 48 years old, but this stuff can start happening to women even in their 30s. A whole lot of women affected with psych drug withdrawal issues are also dealing with menopausal (and peri-menopausal) issues. It’s a very common theme on the withdrawal boards. People try hormones to mitigate the phenomena and sometimes feel comfortable on them but more often those of us with sensitized nervous systems don’t do well adding any sort of hormones, included bio-identical ones.

I really liked the below article on how to consider menopause…in short…it’s NATURAL…and it can be a healing time of growth and transformation. Medications and additional hormones are not generally recommended.  I was not at all surprised when I googled “menopause spirituality” that I found a whole lot of wonderful information. I have been noticing that hot flashes usher in information from the psyche/universe for me to learn from and process.

Let me be clear: magical in the title should not be thought to be synonymous with easy. It can be very challenging to honestly be with our body/mind/spirits. What I find though is that sticking with it is rewarding.

In the below article they speak of hot flashes being surges of kundalini energy. There is an article on kundalini and how it applies to psych drug withdrawal syndrome on this blog as well.  Anyway, to learn from these energy surges we need to be receptive and non-resisting and we need to pay attention to them. Our society tells us to do the opposite and do whatever we can to MAKE THEM STOP. To be clear those of us who are dealing with psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes, hot flashes and the associated bodily sensations can be frightening and feel like just one more thing we’d rather not deal with. What is going on in our bodies is already overwhelming. This may seem to simply add to it. That said, I’ve found that learning to pay attention to and embrace what is proves to be the best way for me.

I found the below article very helpful and I’ve gone ahead and purchased Susun Weed’s book: New Menopausal Years : The Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 (Wise Woman Ways)

Menopause, The Wise Woman Way

Lora: Can you elaboborate on your view that menopause is a natural process and a spiritual journey?

Susun: I’d like to begin by sharing with you the work of Kristen Hawkes. She’s a researcher at the University of Utah who’s spent a great deal of time studying the Hazda Tribe.

Among the Hazda, the most productive, healthiest, and wisest members of the tribe are women in their sixties, seventies, and eighties, and Dr. Hawkes believes that menopause is the reason. She believes that after women have completed their childbearing years, they are positioned at the height of their intellectual and physical powers, available to give themselves wholly back to the community. So menopause is a process of enlightenment for the individual woman.

Most importantly, most altering, is the understanding that menopause is healthy…

Lora: The idea that menopause is unhealthy seems to be one of the big misconceptions we have about it. What are some others?

Susun: One of the biggest misconceptions is that menopause basically has to do with fewer hormones. In fact, the opposite is true.

The levels of hormones in a woman’s blood are never higher than when she is in menopause! The levels of some hormones actually are elevated up to sixty times their pre-menopausal levels.

Most of the symptoms related to menopause have to do with hormonal overload!

Then why, you might ask, does taking estrogen stop these symptoms? It’s because estrogen suppresses the production of the other hormones. However, it also prevents the woman from actually going through menopause.

Another great misconception is that in the past, women did not live long enough to go through this change, and that is why we need medical help to do this now. That simply isn’t true. (read more)

The book: New Menopausal Years : The Wise Woman Way, Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 (Wise Woman Ways)

I am a full woman

Beautiful and haunting in a really good way. A celebration of the lives of women everywhere. 

from youtube:

Over the past 45 years photographer Linda Wolf has lived and traveled world-wide collecting portraits of women. Her work celebrates the inherent dignity of all women—inclusive of culture, race, color, shape, size, age, religious affiliation, spiritual belief, sexual orientation, abilities, and life experience. Her images celebrate the strengths that make each woman a full woman—to be valued and respected simply as women: resilience, heart, wisdom, intelligence, compassion, experience, intuition, beauty, love. Mostly contemporary, the images were taken in China, Thailand, India, Mexico, Guatemala, the USA, Europe, Africa, Iran, and Israel/Palestine.

“Full Woman,” the song that inspired this video, was graciously donated for use by the composer, Rachel Bagby. For more info about the dream that gave birth to “Full Woman” go to

This video was produced, directed, photographed, and edited by Linda Wolf with assistance from colleagues world-wide, and sponsored by the Daughters Sisters Project—a program of the nonprofit organization Teen Talking Circles—thanks to generous gifts from friends and supporters.

h/t elephant journal

Orgasm Inc.

I’m reposting this as the film is now widely available. If you have netflix it’s available to watch instantly.  And it’s available for purchase here: Orgasm Inc.

This documentary film is a great intro to how pharma works for people who are not otherwise affected by its deviousness. This film documents what is an attempt to make EVERY woman feel like she is not enough, and that she is diseased, and therefore needs a drug. This is done via disease mongering — the creation of disease where there may not be one at all. It’s something that happens in all of “medicine” for the express purpose of selling pharmaceuticals. It’s rampant in psychiatry.


From the movies website:

In the shocking and hilarious documentary ORGASM INC., filmmaker Liz Canner takes a job editing erotic videos for a drug trial for a pharmaceutical company. Her employer is developing what they hope will be the first Viagra drug for women that wins FDA approval to treat a new disease: Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD). Liz gains permission to film the company for her own documentary. Initially, she plans to create a movie about science and pleasure but she soon begins to suspect that her employer, along with a cadre of other medical companies, might be trying to take advantage of women (and potentially endanger their health) in pursuit of billion dollar profits. ORGASM INC. is a powerful look inside the medical industry and the marketing campaigns that are literally and figuratively reshaping our everyday lives around health, illness, desire — and that ultimate moment: orgasm.

For more information on this particular disease-mongering trend there is a book called, Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals: How Drug Companies Plan to Profit from Female Sexual Dysfunction, the author is featured in the above film as well. A review of the book is here.

Here is another review from the Wall Street Journal from a while ago.

Go here for your own copy of Orgasm Inc.

On a slightly different note, it’s an irony that a lot of psychiatric drugs do truly cause a real sexual dysfunction for many people. In that there is a clear and total change for such an individual upon taking SSRIs and often antipsychotics too  (this may also indicate a much deeper emotional disconnect as well). Psychiatrists have been known to use viagra (and other, generally useless methods — chemical castration is hard to reverse as long as you’re still taking the offending substance) for both men and women. Taking additional drugs may help bring profit to pharma, but they rarely gets people who are taking psych meds really functioning well again.

Women in the media (this effects our mental health too! That of men and women both!)

Update: I woke up to find far fewer clicks to this post happened while I slept than is usual for a new post. So I changed the title to include that this effects our mental health too. I’d say it GREATLY effects our mental health. I hope more people might click through now and think about this.

Media literacy is critical to our understanding ourselves and our society. I’d say it’s imperative that we understand if we wish to widely heal society and ourselves.

This deeply effects our boys and men too. We’re all in this together.


The film Miss Representation exposes how American youth are being sold the concept that women and girls’ value lies in their youth, beauty and sexuality. It’s time to break that cycle of mistruths.

In response we created, a call-to-action campaign that seeks to empower women and girls to challenge limiting labels in order to realize their potential.

We are uniting individuals around a common, meaningful goal to spark millions of small actions that ultimately lead to a cross-generational movement to eradicate gender stereotypes and create lasting cultural and sociological change….


….When the documentary Miss Representation premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, audiences were riveted and Oprah Winfrey acquired its broadcast rights. It will air nationally Oct. 20th at 9pm.

The film accumulates startling facts and statistics that leave audiences shaken, armed with a new perspective, and asking the question, “What can we do?”

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