Things we don’t talk about — Red tent: the film (for women)

FREE for 48 hours (now just 24 hours)

red-tentI’m involved in my local Rent Tent group. I am finding deep healing among several largely non-professional groups in my community. My yoga community is one source, my ecstatic dance community is another, and women’s groups including the local Red Tent group is also bringing great light, joy and healing into my life.

There are ways to find healing communities that we ourselves create. Every human being can potentially create their own version and it may or may not look anything like mine or anyone else’s. I share some of the elements of mine on Beyond Meds, not so that it can be copied, but so that folks can start imagining how much more is out there besides the medical establishment that is failing so many.

Please, if what helps me doesn’t strike you as interesting or helpful, trust that your path may look completely different and still be just right.

I’ve not viewed this film yet but want to share it with my readers while it’s free. (just watched it! it’s a healing experience in and of itself, to know this exists. please enjoy)

Watch the Red Tent Movie completely FREE for 48hrs (Sept 5th & 6th). You can RENT the film in English with subtitles in Spanish, German, Portuguese, or English closed captions. Use this link & coupon code to get it free.

1. Go to:
2. Click on rent ($4.99) & proceed as if you were going to pay, but then use the coupon code: launchparty
Note: you will need to create a account to watch the free rental.
This coupon will only be active on September 5 & 6th, 2014.
Need help? Here are step-by-step instructions:
If you have any technical difficulty contact Dr. Isadora at

See the trailer here:

Anita Diamant wrote the book The Red Tent: A Novel that inspired Alisa Starkweather’s vision: the ‘Red Tent Temple Movement‘. Though the book was about bleeding times, the movement has expanded to all the time.

From the Facebook page:

“Raise Up a Red Tent Temple. Raise Up a Woman. Together we are building with our collaborative support a woman-honoring culture for our daughters, grandmothers, mothers, sisters, selves in every village, city and town.” — ALisa Starkweather

JOIN US IN THIS GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT AMONG WOMEN THAT BUILDS SUPPORT FOR WOMEN LOCALLY IN THESE IMPORTANT TIMES. Honor your life as a woman, your bleeding cycles, your need to gather, our need to be in time that is not structured to see what can be created when we slow down and give ourselves time to connect and collaborate.

We launched the Red Tent Temple Movement in 2006-2007 and it is now so far in 37 states and 7 countries and growing because we are the women ready to make change happen now right where we live locally. In doing so we are connected together in this grassroot effort globally. This movement is a way for us to build a woman honoring culture, woman by woman one day a month in the support that we offer one another. It is a grand experiment to be sure as it will only happen if we want to build this sacred time together into our lives!

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