My Barely Emerging Spirituality and/or Philosophy Towards Life: a completely undeveloped journey

I suppose I must begin by saying that I am mostly agnostic towards much of everything spiritual and philosophical. For me that means I remain potentially open to much thought about the spirit and the mind. (well, that may be overstating things, but I think you probably get what I mean--I will hopefully clarify--I certainly... Continue Reading →

Direct to Consumer Advertising by Pharmaceutical Companies and Disease Mongering its Close Relative

We are currently and for the past several years bombarded with ads, on TV, magazines and billboards touting the wonders of many drugs. People watch these ads and the most vulnerable go to their doctors and most likely are prescribed the drug or a drug in the same class that they saw in an advertisement.... Continue Reading →

The Power of Choice

So I'm just about on the tail end of my odyssey through PMS this month. I've been experimenting philosophically on ways to deal with it, as it seems impossible to get symptom free through diet and nutrition alone. I've had a monstrous time this month and yet I feel more optimistic about handling it than... Continue Reading →

Thinking Blogger Award

I have been awarded the "Thinking Blogger Award," by Marissa Miller at depression introspection. Thank you very much Marissa! The rules of the meme is to name five blogs that make you think. I will be repeating two of the blogs that Marissa mentioned. Furious Seasons Clinical Psychiatry and Psychology: A Closer Look Off-Label The... Continue Reading →

Withdrawal Symptoms

I've noticed that lots of people are coming to my blog having done a search on a particular drug plus the words "withdrawal symptoms." People want to know what to expect if they are going to withdraw from psychiatric drugs. Update: Collection on withdrawal: Psychiatric drug withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome round-up Because I mostly list just... Continue Reading →

My Struggle with Anger Towards Psychiatry

I've been struggling with anger and (yes, sometimes) hatred towards my doctors and the people who "cared" for me when I was most disturbed and then the years following that, while on "maintenance meds." I went years numbly accepting all as normal, par for the course. But no more. I'm enraged now. I don't believe... Continue Reading →

My “Manic Episodes” and the Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in General

This is a very old post. See date of March 25, 2007. Google just indexed it for the first time apparently so some of you are getting it in feeds and subscriptions etc. I don't think quite the same about some of what I'm talking about in this post anymore. Mostly I just don't think... Continue Reading →


Though I am turning away in radical fashion from psychiatry, I cannot pretend to know what to do in all instances of supposed mental illness, most particularly how does one treat, if not through psychiatry, the acutely psychotic individual. The only instances in which I became psychotic, as I've said many times now, was when... Continue Reading →

A Few Helpful and Inspiring Links

As I am indeed, not up to writing--as I predicted in a post a couple of days ago I will present to you some interesting stories of recovery. They should give you plenty to read and be in keeping with what I'm sharing with you on this blog. I discovered Safe Harbor a website dedicated... Continue Reading →

So I’m a Hypocrite

Okay, so I've sung the glories of diet and nutrition. Dissed the use of alcohol and caffeine. (no I'm not holier than thou about any of it, but I apply it to my own life religiously) Anyway...I lead a real clean life, right?, not really. I've relapsed again...that is, I'm smoking again. I quit... Continue Reading →

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