Compulsory Post

I am not inspired to write today but get uncomfortable about not updating my blog, so I will give a brief update on my brother drama. First, I began to feel much, much better two days into my period. My PMS is lasting about 16 days. It starts at ovulation and goes until the second... Continue Reading →

Fox News takes a swipe at antidepressants

I've been alerted to an interesting news clip from Fox News on you tube. It is sloppy journalism with the "experts" saying things that are not known to be facts about the Cho case--much of what they speak of is simply conjecture--for example--we do not know he was on antidepressants. Also the guy who most... Continue Reading →

Troubled youth becomes president?

Below is the text of an email I received. I have not read the sited book so cannot verify the information, but hope that it has veracity since I'm printing it here. If anyone has any additional information please let me know. "Abraham Lincoln is one of the many people who accomplished greatness without medication!!!!!... Continue Reading →

New Psychiatrist

I'm seeing a "holistic, orthomolecular" psychiatrist next week. When I asked her if she was willing to keep up with my disability paperwork if I chose to have her as my primary psychiatrist, her response was: "Well, you won't be needing disability once you've withdrawn." This assuming I follow her advice about how else to... Continue Reading →

The Subject is BPD–That’s Borderline Personality Disorder–not Bipolar Disorder

  Ruth at Off Label, and Polly at polarcoaster both take on this issue in the last few days. I've decided to join the bandwagon. This will be my first post on BPD, too, Polly. While  this label has been never been used to describe me  I know that if I had been in psych... Continue Reading →

On Frustration

Oh my. I seem to have caught the bug from Philip at Furious Seasons. He is questioning if he is making any impact at all and considering ditching journalism and his blog. This would be awful as he is one of the only sane voices questioning the mainstream with a strong and credible voice, covering... Continue Reading →

The Roller Coaster that is my Life

Shit. Sometimes I just don't know how I'm going to continue down this road. Sometimes I feel so disheartened. The situation with my brother just keeps deteriorating and it won't stop until he's dead. I don't know if trying to continue my withdrawals during this period makes sense, but it's already going to take a... Continue Reading →

The Food Elimination Diet and My Current Med Tapering

Time to get serious. I'm going to test for food allergies which can be a major factor in mood problems. I've been given a blood test for food allergies, but from what I've been reading lately blood tests are not accurate. When I had mine several years ago I came up clean except for kidney... Continue Reading →

We’re Not a Nation of Mentally Ill

The killing spree that Cho went on has triggered a media frenzy, both in the mainstream and in the blogosphere. The attempt to diagnose Cho has reached ridiculous proportions. Assumptions about the mentally ill and the implications of mental illness on society is running rampant. I have no doubt that the stigma associated with those... Continue Reading →

The Trip Home–some musings

I am now on my flight back east. The trip to California was essentially a success. I managed to pack and move my father and then get him somewhat settled in his new home with only one major blowout. I, in an earlier post, mentioned that my father could be a mild pain in the... Continue Reading →

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