Bonkers Institute takes on the stealth marketing of pediatric zyprexa

Bonkers Institute gets under the skin of the NHS and pharma. Go Dr. Bonkers! Here is the picture of the brochure on the Bonker's website. For OpEdNews: Martha Rosenberg "Your medicine is called Olanzapine. Pronounced 'o-lan-za-peen,'" says the lime green kids' brochure for the antipsychotic Zyprexa, published by Britain's National Health Service (NHS). "Many children,... Continue Reading →

dukkha, the pervasive unsatisfactoriness of existence

Excerpts from a talk by Ajahn Chah. My brother gave me a book written by this Buddhist teacher before he (my brother) died. My brother and I shared an interest in Buddhism and things spiritual. It is what made us close in a way I am not with anyone else in my family. Today I... Continue Reading →

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