Psychosurgery Promoted by the NYT — by Vera Sharav

I got Vera Sharav's email today on this topic and asked if I could reprint it. It appears below. ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION A Catalyst for Public Debate: Promoting Openness, Full Disclosure, and Accountability True to an ignoble tradition of lending its "authoritative" front page to promote psychiatry's most radical experimental approaches to dealing... Continue Reading →

Buy nothing day, Nov. 27th here in the USA

Now in its 18th year, Buy Nothing Day is celebrated every November by environmentalists, social activists and concerned citizens in over 65 countries around the world. Over the years, Buy Nothing Day (followed by Buy Nothing Christmas) has exploded into a global movement, inspiring the world’s citizens to live more simply and buy a whole... Continue Reading →

Links for the week

From the last week around the web: 'Mental illness gene' discovered by Scots scientists I hate this sort of research, not because it's 100% baseless, while there may be a very loose link to genes and mental health that is worth researching this sort of reporting of the results encourages the belief that one cannot... Continue Reading →

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