Our unmentionable secret

Everyone is born a genius, but it is drummed out of us almost from the minute we open our eyes. Everyone possesses this genius. It's our unmentionable secret. When childhood is over we are afraid to salvage it from without ourselves, because it would be too risky to do so, it would rupture our drone's... Continue Reading →

GABA, benzodiazepines and the brain

My husband sent this email in response to doing a bit of research regarding my general state of being lately. Gianna, I can't give a particularly technical description, but it's clear that many (and maybe most) of the symptoms you are experiencing - feelings relating to balance and general weirdness - are the result of... Continue Reading →

Thursday news

Your daily reading material awaits: Top psychiatrist calls for ethics cleanup around 'Big Pharma' -- USA Today -- American psychiatrists need to break away from a "culture of influence" created by their financial dealings with the drug industry, the head of the National Institute of Mental Health said in a leading medical journal. -- Dr.... Continue Reading →

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