Robert Whitaker on radio with Mercola

This is just a little snippet. What Whitaker shares here is haunting. Somehow hearing what I've known for a long time disturbs me even more now. Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America


Darkness deserves gratitude. It is the alleluia point at which we learn to understand that all growth does not take place in the sunlight. ~ Joan Chittister

Will Hall – Audio of “Trauma Healing and Process Work Workshop-In-Progress”

---I recently returned from leading a 3-day training for 35 peer mental health workers in Alaska on healing emotional trauma. The training drew on my studies in somatic psychotherapy, process oriented psychology, meditation, and dance, as well as my own healing experience.  My workshop was experimental and wove together basic ideas from trauma theory and... Continue Reading →

Friday media madness

Just a couple of links to start, check back in the morning I may add some: Diagnosing the ‘DSM-5’ -- New York Magazine -- As Frances pointed out in a recent Los Angeles Times editorial, such taxonomic adjustments only seem to further shrink “the ever-shrinking domain of the normal.” Take another DSM-5 proposed addition: Temper... Continue Reading →

Thursday media madness: more psych related news

Robert Whitaker: 'Anatomy Of An Epidemic': Could Psychiatric Drugs Be Fuelling A Mental Illness Epidemic? On Huffington Post now too. This book is #1 in psychiatry on Amazon right now. Keep spreading the word. Let's make it a best seller. People must know about what this book is about. Can You Stomach Gluten? How Giving... Continue Reading →

And I thought my Lamictal withdrawal was from hell? What I’m dealing with now is much worse: post benzo withdrawal

No doubt the Lamictal withdrawal was from hell, but this benzo withdrawal is far far deeper into that realm. Yesterday I wrote this to my benzo friends. The only people I can speak this way to directly and assume I will be immediately understood. I'm premenstrual and everything is amping up again. I can't even... Continue Reading →

Psych related news for the day…(updated)

UPDATE The Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America -- By BRUCE E. LEVINE Brilliant review of Robert Whitaker's book Borderline Gifted, ADHD, or Both (and, Well, Something about Dandelions) | Every Day Life -- Are we treating our gifted, creative kids like dandelions? When they pop-up in our lawns (classrooms) with their bright faces and tenacious will to fulfill... Continue Reading →

A woman with a real curiosity about the mind…Doris Lessing thoughts on schizophrenia

Doris Lessing, Nobel prize winner an excerpt from the linked article: "I have a rather fanciful interpretation about schizophrenia, which is probably nonsense, but it might interest some people. It is that this self-hater part of ourselves, the conditioned conscience, is usually disassociated and is just sitting there ready to pounce. Then, then some Our... Continue Reading →

Tuesday links

Laughter really is the best medicine as doctors find it can be as healthy as exercise - Telegraph -- a link related to this from this blog is this old post on Laughter yoga I certainly find laughing to be healing and restorative. ~ Recovery from "schizophrenia" and other "psychotic disorders" » If antipsychotics only... Continue Reading →

Extreme sensitivity to noise, touch, movement, commotion etc…(brief personal update)

The title of this post is the subject line of a post I placed on my benzo board and also sent to a few of my friends who've gone through this in the past. I'm not able to write much these days and yet I know there are lots of readers of this blog who... Continue Reading →

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