How do antipsychotic drugs have their effect?

from the blog post: “The authors conclude that “The induction of doubt and the dampening of emotion may be one reason why antipsychotics reduce positive symptoms” and note that their findings of reported antipsychotic effects including cognitive and emotional numbing, and social withdrawal are “disquieting”.” —-  (Monica’s comments) anyone who has been on these drugs can attest to this reality. But it wasn’t until I was off them that I felt alive again. I truly felt like I had been stripped of my humanity for many years…and only once I came off them could I fully understand what had happened to me.

Freedom of Mind

Today I’d like to draw your attention to a new paper just published by Moritz and colleagues (link here), which examines how antipsychotic drugs have their effect.

What did it do?

This on-line study involved 95 people, who had experience of taking antipsychotics, completing a questionnaire called the Effect of Antipsychotic Medication on Emotion and Cognition, which asked 49 questions about the subjective effects of antipsychotics. The participants had a range of psychiatric diagnoses, with 69 having a probable diagnosis of psychosis. They appear to have been mainly recruited through moderated German discussion forums for psychosis and other psychiatric disorders.

What did it find?

  • “patients strongly and rather consistently attributed a dampening of emotion,
    clouding of cognitive faculties and decreased joy to antipsychotic treatment”
  • “patients reported that antipsychotics decreased their emotionality, creativity and also exerted a detrimental effect on their cognitive faculties”
  • “Negative effects largely prevailed”
  • “patients reported that…

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the truth will defend itself (and some links on hearing voices too)

The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself. ~ St. Augustine … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Video interview with John Nash of Beautiful Mind fame (with commentary)

John Nash in the below video says explicitly he never used psychiatric drugs again after an initial period of crisis and the movie was purposely misleading because the screenwriter's mother was a psychologist enamored with psych meds and feared people would go off their meds if they knew the truth. Horrifying, isn't that? So, John Nash recovered from what is often labeled schizophrenia. The fact is there are countless others who also recover every day and are simply forgotten -- the system and those who support long-term maintenance psychotropic drug use denies they were ever sick if they are mentioned. But this is untrue. People recover and move on from such crisis all the time. There is a long list of such folks who share such stories here on Beyond Meds. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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