Cold-turkeying off psych drugs is not a wise choice except in a life-threatening emergency

I am seeing an unfortunate trend in the psychiatric survivor community: People are saying cold turkey can be a perfectly fine way to go off psychiatric drugs. We know many people get away with cold turkey, but others injure their nervous systems severely, for months or years. You don't know in advance what will happen. Even a taper over a month reduces the risk of injury. What's more, if you do get withdrawal syndrome, you're on your own. You cannot imagine how bad it can be. There's no real medical treatment. You can't count on a nice doctor with a pill to save you. We need to get together to protect each other, the way the gay community united to encourage safe sex to protect people from HIV infection. Please help spread the word: Friends do not let friends cold turkey. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Yoga for Trauma Survivors (and info on trauma and the body)

That trauma deeply impacts the body is something people are still just starting to understand.Those of us using yoga and other body/mind techniques to heal learn just how profound the body/mind connection is. Yoga has been a profoundly healing part of my journey for past traumas (both experiential and the iatrogenic trauma that psychiatric drugs imposed) and for rehabilitation after having been bedridden for a couple of years. The below information about yoga healing and integrating PTSD and past trauma is very important practice, news and research. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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