More on When Friends Disappear During a Health Crisis

Anyway...this is someone that while I was here in NC was one of my closer friends...I hadn't lived here long so these were not long-term or developed friendships and when I got sick EVERY SINGLE ONE OF these people fell away...and quickly....(but) Things do change. I've reconnected with a few of these friends now. I've also reconnected with my sister. Some of the relationships though are simply and clearly ruptured as well. I've learned that this is all okay. Moving forward with the relationships that have survived can be tricky and time is needed for healing with some of them too. Clarity does come. [click on title for the rest of the post]

Thank you

YES This was a song I loved as a younger woman, but I have to say I never heard it and really GOT it until a good decade later. She must have been way ahead of me. The lovely and profound lyrics are below the video. Thank you.

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