I Was Born to Do This


“Recovery from trauma will take some kind of understanding and framework. It will take a shift in perspective on what process-oriented healing looks and feels like. This will also require that we arm ourselves with people who have the spiritual technology and vernacular to approach these events with skill.

The mental health industry, for the most part, lacks these skills. It is still dominated by talk therapy and medication, a sure-fire way to dampen any efforts for people to have personal breakthroughs; meaning we will be lacking in cultural breakthroughs. Again, I do see how medication, used in a skillful manner can help with a mental health crisis. However, as much energy that has been thrust into neuroscience and pharmacology will need to be exerted in the realm of the psycho-spiritual.”

More on psychosis being a spiritual process here: Spiritual emergency: one way of interpreting activity of the psyche that is often labeled psychotic


Lindsay Kolasa

May my words help restore faith in the human process and wonder of the human spirit... May my words, in their own small way, help restore faith in the human process of becoming and help mend the brokenness of our hearts and psyches…

This is my most personal blog post ever.  Please be forewarned that it is very long.  I still need to comb through and tidy up some of my wording, but it is the first attempt to express and explore the complex world of my experience of trauma and recovery.

“The diseases do not come to us form Heaven, but develop from the small, daily offenses against Nature. When these have accumulated, then at one time they burst forth and appear.” ~ Hippocrates (460 to 377 BC)

I was born to do this

I was born to do this. Thankfully, a part of me knew this. But the other part of me was completely terrified. I don’t look back with disdain. Instead, I now…

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Many dangerous drugs have been used to therapeutic effect

Many dangerous drugs have been used to therapeutic effect I don't ever deny that...there is a time and place for most things under the sun. Pharma dangerously, for capitalistic purposes, pushes drugs that should be used once in a blue moon to the masses...harming 1000s and killing many as well. … [click on title to read and view more]

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