Many dangerous drugs have been used to therapeutic effect

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And killing many as well.

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We can learn how to deeply and profoundly heal our bodies, minds and spirits. Exercise and diet and meditation and a myriad of other lifestyle changes that can help us heal (the combination will be different for every individual.)

Everything we do and think and eat and ingest matters and this is not something that is understood in the psychiatric system or in western medicine in general at this point. If we are not given the means to heal, we won’t. That doesn’t mean it’s not possible. I’ve communicated with 1000s now that have learned how to do it. 

See:  Drug free recovery from depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc…  and Psychosis recovery: stories, information and resources

Also: Please do not attempt to discontinue psych drugs without first very carefully educating yourself on the risks involved so that you might minimize the chances of developing grave iatrogenic illness if you decide to withdraw: Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal and Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome Round-Up


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