I am the oppressor

By Jen Peer Rich -- When will we recognize that we are all being oppressed and oppressing all the time? If any one part of the system is oppressed, so too am I oppressed. Humans, animals, the earth, it's all under the heavy weight of oppression. Every being deserves to be championed by the system from which it is born. We are all participating in the fate of every life. We have many communities within our life system that need rehabilitation from the oppressions that come with the belief in separation and the dislocation of the psyche from nature. So long as we keep the competition between oppressions alive, we can't really help. .. [click title to read the rest]

To be or not to be on psych meds

Sharing an older post for folks who perhaps have never read it. It recently got called to my attention and is a favorite of mine: To be or not to be on psych meds

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