Healing is a shocking process: protracted psych drug withdrawal syndrome (iatrogenic brain injury)

Update: September 2016 -- I felt like revisiting this post from a while back. As I re-enter my body the shock continues. The good part is I am finally able to feel and deeply process that shock. It's taken over 6 years of being drug free to get to this point, but I am here. Entering the body in a big way. Being reborn, quite literally. (re-entering the body is part of healing from the extreme trauma that is the nervous system/brain injury from psychiatric drug iatrogenesis) I am grateful for everything now as I become more and more aware of what is happening. I've healed a great deal more since the writing of this post. I share it for those who are in various stages of this healing process. (basically the fight or flight response that has been in high gear for over a decade is remitting. I'm left with this body, shocked) it's somehow as beautiful as it is difficult)

Show me all of you

Today I am sharing a beautiful song inspired by gene key 59 from the Gene Keys. Gene key 59's shadow is dishonesty, it's gift is intimacy and the siddhi or highest manifestation is transparency. The song below is a contemplation of this gene key. I've been studying and contemplating the Gene Keys for the last few years. They are an elegant system of understanding our human nature that really helps illumine our shadow parts that we may integrate them and heal. I can feel this song in every cell of my being. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

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