Consent and choice: psychiatric drugs

A collection of posts exploring what consent and choice in mental health care looks like today and what it might look like in the future when more meaningful alternatives are actually made available. This post will be part of the navigation menus at the top of Beyond Meds.

Trust your body: learning to heal

"The important thing for you is to never give up and trust your body: your body knows what it needs at any moment. You need to develop a real connection with your body, to learn to listen to it and have a deep love and respect for it. Because it is your body that is doing the healing, not the diet or supplements or anything else!" ...

Happy Christmas, winter solstice and end of year

Whether or not you celebrate this particular day, may the end of this year be good.

If you’re anything like me this is a time of deeply going inward. The holidays actually often demand of us exactly the opposite of what our body/mind/spirits want. ...

(NOW COMPLETED) – Website will be under construction for a bit

Update: the site redesign is essentially complete. It's looking very different if you've not taken a peak yet, please do. (some of you are reading this by subscription rather than on site) I will continue to tweak little bits as I always do with all the various site permutations of design since the beginning. -- The drop-down menus have been streamlined and simplified. They're always a good place to start when looking for something on the site. There is also a search box and a archives by the month in the right column. The site can now stand alone as a resource. ...

Top 10 posts from Beyond Meds 2015 (and the top ten from all time too)

I continue to be pleased to know this blog is being used as the resource I’d hoped it would become.

Natural Intelligence: our human inheritance

By Jen Peer Rich -- Amid the noise of the modern industrialized world, woven intimately within the striving that comes with living in a broken system of economic and social hierarchies, and underpinning the dominate culture machine that tells us who we are, there is another layer of life happening that is hardly noticed.

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