UPDATE: the bill is doing well – Support the B*e*n*z*o Bill ~ Massachusetts HD.4554

UPDATE from Geraldine: I want to update everyone on the final support we got on HD4554 a bill regarding benzodiazepines here in Massachusetts. We received 36 co-sponsors from both the House and the Senate, Republicans and Democrats to the proposed bill; a very impressive number. From here this will now receive an official bill number and then be assigned to a committee. We are hoping to testify in front of the committee before this legislation ends in July. What we need to happen when we testify is for the bill to pass at that point. That still doesn't make it law if it passes. Once we are at this step, I will update again where it goes from there and how it becomes law.

Facing Life Unarmed

By MATTHEW PURINTON, LCSW -- When I was born, everyone was expecting me to have arms. My father was perched outside the delivery room in front of a circular window framed in 70s seafoam green, and his view was blocked as I was brought into the world. The doctor's mind raced: how am I going to tell this mother and father that their son has hands but not arms? ...

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