What will it take to wake up these hacks?

As I heal and come to more deeply understand and learn about exactly what happened to my brain on psych drugs I am devastated again and again. We are committing crimes of abuse, violence and harm every time we tell people they must be on psych drugs and offer them no options... The more I am healed from the brain injury the psych drugs incurred, the deeper is the revelation of ignorance and insanity within psychiatry. I may no longer be enraged because I realize the profound ignorance and fear that motivates psychiatry, but I'm more and more dismayed...

Understanding and Working With Psychosis (Part I of II)

Joel Schwartz, PsyD - Psychosis is, perhaps, the most misunderstood and feared psychological phenomena – despite the fact that every person is capable of psychosis, and most of us have actively psychotic parts of our personalities.

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