On compulsive behaviors (addictions, etc)

When I finally quit smoking (many years ago now) I had started what I called "mindfully" smoking. Being with every breath - feeling what it felt like in my body. We can employ such mindfulness with a lot of compulsive behaviors. To be with ourselves as we do something that maybe we don't really *want*... Continue Reading →


The learning curve involved is no easy thing...this process not a pretty thing either...coming to clarity is a destructive process (so says Adyashanti, here as well). For whatever reason the brain injury created a situation so that the middle path, for me, is a razor's edge. Off to one side or another it hurts sometimes acutely. Plain and simple.

Site name change

note: I continue to use social media as a private citizen and while I may continue to make posts on the site occasionally I will not be using social media to get them out there. If you want to be sure you get updates I suggest signing up for the emails in the right hand column on this site. There are two options, one managed by wordpress the other by feedburner. Emails go out every time a new post is published.

Terror and grief

Hello, terror, my old friend... I was born into a home filled with terror and grief. Terror and grief, thus, became the most familiar thing in my reality. (this terror and grief was largely unconscious and unspoken, so uncovering it took the willingness to honestly look at what was really there) And to be clear: we are all born into a world filled with terror and grief. ...

Chronic illness is trauma embodied

Chronic illness is trauma embodied. It’s FEAR. Unraveling the fear from our biology by calming the amygdala in any number of possible ways is the healing process. ...

Fall into winter: a time of contraction

I always have a significant dip in how I feel in the fall and winter too. I am struggling with that as well right now. I can assure you that we do contract with the seasons and that is why it's often more difficult in the fall. I used to think it was a huge setback but I now see it as a natural rhythm. That doesn't mean it's not still difficult. It is.

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