I invite you to dance! (music included)

Ecstatic movement has been a critical part of my healing. Ecstatic dance practiced with intent is movement meditation. Below is compilation from my favorite "wave" ever. ...

Tardive dyskinesia and thoughts from the mindful healing process….

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All Signal

Hello again. I have tardive dyskinesia.

These are snippets from around my several therapeutic environments on social media. By necessity these places have become my trauma therapist via hive mind. There has never been anywhere else to share my process. I frankly freak professionals out and have learned to steer clear. I am grateful.


I’ve spent a little bit of time in a few tardive dyskomesia groups now and oriented myself.

Certainly the hope for natural treatments here allows me to feel more comfortable. I’m no longer able to take pharma (of any kind) even if I wanted to. I developed severe sensitivity to everything along with the TD also associated with Lyme Disease.

My main way of dealing with TD is surrender– I’ve not seen anyone else speak of it at all — It may seem radical at first but for me, for good or bad, it became…

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