Syringes, cubic centimeters and millimeters

I want to tell the following story with humor, but I’m really not a humorist. Just know the humor is not lost to me even though it was anything but funny when I was dealing with it. I’ve been on .45 mg of Risperdal lately. That’s down from .75 mg when I started working with […]

Arrival of the parental unit

Talk about bad timing. I got my period about two hours before my mom arrived. Granted, I knew I would be premenstrual and menstrual while she was here, what I didn’t expect is that this is the worst period I’ve had since January. As most of you know if you’ve been reading my blog for […]

New Blog, amazing story

This young woman has a classic story of being unnecessarily drugged up, but she did escape!! The whole post telling her story is intense and painful and also beautiful and well worth reading. The part that had particular significance for me since I have yet to withdraw from Klonopin and I’m finding the same liberation […]

“Symptoms” and acceptance

The symptoms I am having as a result of withdrawal are first and foremost physical. I’ve been rendered physically disabled. This is a result of my particular body and history on meds. Not everyone who deals with withdrawal will get physically sick like me. The psychological symptoms or psychiatric symptoms I deal with are no […]

An oldie but a goodie

I watched this video of Gwen Olsen talking about benzos and then psych drugs in general before I had a blog. I didn’t realize I’ve never posted it. It’s a very good short verbal explanation of the potential hells of withdrawals. I, too, have a benzo to withdraw from still. I’m currently withdrawing from Risperdal. […]

I get so happy doing simple errands

I think it’s undeniable at this point. I have been getting progressively better since I started with my new orthomolecular/holistic/energy worker psychiatrist. The improvement began a week into my work with her and has been a constant trend towards better.. Granted, I have set backs—days in which I still spend the majority of time in […]

I have a pain in my heart

I’ve had a sensation of pain in my heart intermittently for years. It’s become rather frequent lately and it radiates out from my heart chakra into my whole being. I’ve been confused by this sensation for years and now that it’s stepped up quite a few notches I’m thinking about it a lot and I […]