The latest dish on the journey beyond meds

So what’s happening in my journey lately? I’m finding it harder and harder to share as the issues become subtler and more personal simultaneously. I am trying to find the right person/people to help me on my journey. I already have several key players in place. Some have been in place a long time. My […]

The first incarnation of my blog….

When I first started blogging I was on blogspot and it was set on private and I deleted the whole thing before I went public. It was basically just a diary. What I didn’t remember was that I copied the whole thing into a word document. It dates from February 2004 to June of 2006. […]

Random anger, random ramblings and incompleted thoughts

When I was at my acupuncturists the other day I basically collapsed on the table after pounding on her office door when I couldn’t tolerate sitting in the office. I REALLY needed to lay down. I can sit in recliner type chairs but an upright chair I can last in only so long and I […]

I’m sick

In so many ways it’s not even funny. This is going to be a rant. Because I fucking sick of being sick. I have loads and loads of faith that I will get better in time, I really do, but in the meantime I have lots of days and moments like today. I’m weak, tired, […]

The weight is dropping off

I always wondered what would happen once the neuroleptics (antipsychotics) were gone. Would my body, fat for so many years, just stay that way? I suspected yes. I somehow figured my body had simply learned to be fat. There are lots of studies on obesity that suggest the body wants to be the weight it […]

Celebration time

I was going to wait a week or two but I can’t stand it. I’m OFF Risperdal. This is day two. The end of 20 years of the domination of my soul. Yes, neuroleptics are soul killing. And I was thinking I’d wait to tell just “to be sure.” But the withdrawal has been so […]

Gianna’s healing adventure

There’s been another shift in my well-being. It is often said that recovery is not linear and I’m proof of that. I’ve had a small downturn, but I don’t expect it to last and right now I already still feel better than I did for the last year in any case. I had fifteen days […]