The “Start Small, Listen to Your Body” Taper Plan (psychiatric drug withdrawal)

Generally when we start tapering, we all start with the expectation that we can hold our taper and our bodies to a calendar schedule.

Unfortunately, bodies were invented long before calendars, and healing doesn’t follow a numerical schedule. (Just try telling a broken bone that it has to heal exactly 10% every two weeks.)

And what I see is that the people who do best with their tapers are the ones who listen to and follow their bodies’ internal wisdom, rather than some external notion of a “correct taper” or some schedule given to them by someone outside. [click on title to read more]

Psychiatric drug withdrawal in tweets

Part of informed consent is telling patients they might not ever be able to come off psych drugs without getting seriously ill. If you’re the MD handling a withdrawal it’s important that your patients know at the outset how gravely serious withdrawal syndromes can be. (and first the doctor has to understand this as well) [click on title to read more]

Alto Strata speaks at the Occupy Psychiatry Protest at the APA conference: psychiatric drug withdrawal

Alto Strata speaks at the Occupy Psychiatry Protest at the American Psychiatric Association conference. She tells her story of withdrawal and protracted withdrawal syndrome. And then shares her hard earned wisdom about how to more safely discontinue psychiatric drugs. Alto runs the most comprehensive psychiatric drug withdrawal support board on the web now — Surviving Antidepressants — which also discusses all other psych meds. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Newborn infants experience psychiatric drug withdrawal

This is something I posted before and I’m posting it again because it’s really a deeply atrocious thing to consider. Imagine entering the world for the first time and being welcomed by agonizing drug withdrawal symptoms. An infant would have no way to intellectually interpret such hell.

Believe me when adults have severe withdrawal issues, we don’t have any way of intellectually interpreting such hell either. It’s a nightmare. People like to dismiss infant experience as though it doesn’t matter, but the more we learn about trauma and those who suffer from PTSD it becomes more and more clear that infant and childhood traumas do indeed effect the entire life of many individuals.

Psychiatric drug withdrawal information and resources

***This page is regularly updated: Below the initial commentary is a collection of links with lots of information to better inform the reader on psychiatric drug withdrawal. Educating oneself and preparing for a safer taper goes a long way in mitigating the risk of serious protracted withdrawal issues. — *feel free to share via social media. You are also free to copy and paste and republish as widely as you’d like. — ***Not everyone is subject protracted or even significant withdrawal issues*** That said everyone needs to be aware of the risk so that every reasonable precaution can be made to avoid potentially serious issues. In the interest of informed consent we need to know what the risks are. Many psychiatrists are not telling people about these risks. What is worse is that psychiatrists don’t even understand the risks or recognize what they’re actually witnessing when they start happening. This level of ignorance is a criminal reality at the moment.. … [click on title to read the rest]

Introduction to psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome

When you reduce or quit a psychiatric drug, you may experience withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal symptoms are due to an absence of a medication at a level to which your body has become accustomed. They are an adverse effect of psychiatric drug use. When the level of the drug is reduced, your body notices it and tries to compensate, creating withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawing faster will increase withdrawal symptoms….

Psychiatric drug withdrawal: Why taper by 10% of your dosage?

We believe that, for a minority, the risk of severe withdrawal is so great, a very conservative approach to tapering to protect everyone is called for.
Many people seem to be able to taper off psychiatric medications in a couple of weeks or even cold-turkey with minor withdrawal symptoms perhaps for a month or so. Doctors therefore expect everyone can do this. However, it seems a minority suffer severe symptoms for much longer.
It is unknown how large or small this minority is. You may very well be in it. You cannot know how your nervous system will respond to a decrease in medication until you try it.

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