Getting healthy means coming to balance (Lyme too)

update: I did test positive for lyme and several co-infections in 2020

I had multiple infections that responded to Lyme disease treatment. I never tested positive for Lyme and gave up on doctors after that. Healing (for me) didn’t mean killing off all micro-organisms. It meant bringing balance by moving out excess of the ones making me sick and building up with other more expansive ones.

These little guys have consciousness. They’e part of us and work together with us. Imbalances is what make us sick. Healthy people have the same bugs in different proportions.

Getting healthy means learning to bring it all to balance. I call it internal eco-system management. This goes along with many other aspects of the body for me since my entire autonomic nervous system got blown out. It was an exceedingly complex process after being bedridden and atrophied for some years.

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updated: more somatic mysticism


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