Alan Watts – Tribute to Carl Jung

Alan and Carl: Two of my favorite contributors to our understanding of human consciousness.

The Way of Zen

Letting go comes only through desperation when you know that it is beyond you – beyond your powers of action as beyond your powers of relaxation. When you give up every last trick and device for getting it, including this “giving up” as something that one might do, say, at 10 o’clock tonight. That you cannot by any means do it – that is it! That is the mighty self-abandon which gives birth to the stars. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Our Need For a Sense Of Unity

Alan Watts and Terence McKenna talk about our need for a sense of unity as our global problems are getting worse and we have become enemies of our planet and each other. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

The unfolding moment: or how many ways can we be here now?

When we dance, the journey itself is the point, as when we play music the playing itself is the point. And exactly the same thing is true in meditation. Meditation is the discovery that the point of life is always arrived at in the immediate moment. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Accepting the Darkness of Self and Others

"Our darkness is contributive in the same way that manure is essential to the rose." … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Guided Meditation (Awakening The Mind) — can serve as an intro to meditation too. Lovely

Here is Alan Watts, a name which needs no introduction, sharing his method of obtaining self awareness. Meditation has become something people think is mysterious and hard to truly attain. It's not true. It's really very simple and Alan Watts states it all quite simply here. This is a very lovely guided meditation that can also serve as an introduction to meditation. Enjoy … [click on title to read the rest]

What if money was no object?

Ask yourself. What would you do with your life if money was no object? An amazing lecture from the late Alan Watts.

To Speak the Truth

Alan Watts discusses the limits of language. The quality of the video is really bad, I just listened to Alan, who is always a delight.

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