Alan Watts – Tribute to Carl Jung

Alan and Carl: Two of my favorite contributors to our understanding of human consciousness. (this is another post from my drafts folder. Something that’s been sitting there for several years…this is good stuff…time to share it!) Below the video are a collection of posts that feature the two men’s work.

And some that feature Carl Jung:

More posts featuring Alan Watts:



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2 thoughts on “Alan Watts – Tribute to Carl Jung

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  1. One of my most favorite Watts speeches!!! I too love Carl Jung and he and Watts helped me understand myself more than years of therapy. I’m working on getting off meds myself, but right now they are helping me get the good stuff going. I find depression can make it challenging to make the choices I need to stay peaceful, so I combine approaches to stay peaceful. No medicine though can help me find the contentment, understanding, and self realization these two great men have graced me with. when watts speaks of Jung knowing himself to the deepest levels, and knowing what a rascal he is and embracing it: this has been a guiding principle in my recovery from
    Psychosis and everything else. It’s been a long road, but both Watts and Jung led me in my process of indivuation, love, and self acceptance. No therapist was able to give me These gifts! Thank you for sharing!



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