Distinction Between Curing and Healing

...how ridiculous positive thinking can be in the face of serious illness. One must be able and willing to feel whatever comes up. (that's actually true in all of life ) Certainly my own healing has involved embracing the whole spectrum of emotions. When we deny pain, anger and other emotions that often get called negative, we also lose the capacity to fully feel joy and bliss and expansion. Being able to feel, process and accept everything is what allows one to heal and mature. There are occasions where this does not look or feel pretty....

Healing must come from all corners of experience. No quick fixes

When one understands the interconnectedness of everything it becomes clear that healing must borrow from all corners of experience... "Cure" is rarely one thing applied to the whole. It is instead a dance of many things synergistically coming together for wholeness.

To me, a true cure is complete, is human, and has dignity. And it never ends.

And this is exactly what is happening: We are creating a cure by uniting the contributions of surgeons, homeopaths, oncologists, Chinese doctors, nutritionists and spiritual healers. The active participation of everyone involved -- both experts and ex-patients -- is naturally filtering out any damaging suggestion which might be proposed.

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