Distinction Between Curing and Healing

The below video with Michael Lerner includes some comments about how ridiculous positive thinking can be in the face of serious illness. One must be able and willing to feel whatever comes up. (that’s actually true in all of life ) Certainly my own healing has involved embracing the whole spectrum of  emotions. When we deny pain, anger and other emotions that often get called negative, we also lose the capacity to fully feel joy and bliss and expansion. Being able to feel, process and accept everything is what allows one to heal and mature. There are occasions where this does not look or feel pretty.

Also in the video he points out that spiritual language when faced with difficulties is only one way of expressing less tangible experiences. People who are completely secular and/or atheistic can be just as deep as anyone else. I’ve certainly found this to be true. I like to be able to use multiple languages for the spirit and/or psyche. As human beings we do it in many different ways, but there is much that still links us if we can get past the language used and really listen to each other and be with one another.

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