To me, a true cure is complete, is human, and has dignity. And it never ends.

From who posted the below TED talk along with the story in print. I’ve excerpted from the article below and included the talk from youtube at the bottom. This has implications for all health care. It’s well worth listening too.


SalvatoreIanconesiTo me, a true cure is complete, is human, and has dignity. And it never ends.

Such a cure is a dialogue in which “experts” maintain their status — and in fact, an enormous thank you goes out to all the extremely qualified professionals who are constantly responding to my calls — but the whole process opens up to possibility.

And this is exactly what is happening: We are creating a cure by uniting the contributions of surgeons, homeopaths, oncologists, Chinese doctors, nutritionists and spiritual healers. The active participation of everyone involved — both experts and ex-patients — is naturally filtering out any damaging suggestion which might be proposed.

To achieve this kind of cure, we must be open to strategies from different cultures and philosophical orientations. And we must embrace a wider, more profound discourse about the ways in which information circulates digitally.

For now, I’m following a complex strategy developed with the help of a series of doctors and experts who responded to my open-source cure site and have suggested a variety of therapies to deal with the disease.

As of now, my cancer growth has stopped. We are waiting for the next test results to decide when and if to proceed to surgery. (continue reading)

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