Food as medicine. Food sensitivities, too.

Food and diet has been critically important to my healing journey. Sensitivities are profound teachers that humble me again and again and teach me all manner of things about the nature of being human. I am finding more and more people who understand them in this way. What we are finding is that there is some spiritual significance in the very real (and sometimes potentially deadly) physical, biological and physiological reactions that so many people on the planet are experiencing with foods that used to be safe to eat. Of course there is also environmental significance to the phenomena. ...

Becoming the empowered, proactive patient, medicine for the future: Free online summits

There are good doctors out there that understand what has happened in the medical system. This is an opportunity for both lay people and professionals to learn from some of the most cutting edge medical practitioners who understand that we are holistic beings and that medicine as it's widely practiced is very harmful. This is the future of a medicine that can truly heal rather than harm. … [click on title to read more]

Info on food allergies: they can affect body & mind both. #foodie Friday

A synopsis of how food allergies work. (food intolerances is really a better word for it! but the term allergy is used pretty much everywhere) Most people with food intolerances have no idea they have them. The only reason I learned about my own is because the impetus to become healthy became so great I started doing lots of research about healing naturally. It's not worth becoming as ill as I did before finding out if they effect you at all. If you feel at all crappy in general it's worth finding out if what you're eating may be part of the problem.

Rainbow chard with pinenuts and cranberries

Food has always been one of my favorite topics and now it's also one of the most important healing modalities I follow (eating real, whole, unprocessed food). I have always done lots of posts about food, so this isn't terribly new except, perhaps for some recipes I may now publish. Today the topic is CHARD.

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