Rainbow chard with pinenuts and cranberries

I’m starting a “foodie Friday” theme on the blog. Sometimes I’ll do recipes, or I’ll post about food in some general sense. Last week I posted about how to make Kombucha, which is, of course, a beverage. I also posted about a film that is about food: Generation Food Project. This morning about a fake phood, Aspartame. We’ll see how it goes.

Food has always been one of my favorite topics and now it’s also one of the most important healing modalities I follow (eating real, whole, unprocessed food). I have always done lots of posts about food and the importance of diet and nutrition for total well-being, including mental health, so this isn’t terribly new except, perhaps, for some recipes I may now publish.

Today the topic is CHARD. I did an informative post on KALE a while back too: Good food highlight: Kale and the Immune System

One of our favorite home-grown veggies is the rainbow chard we grow.


This is a really nice and easy veggie dish. I simply steamed the chard and added olive oil, pine nuts and dried cranberries. It’s pretty and delicious.

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