Understanding ‘Disability’ – Carts of Darkness Film

Rational discussion and framing of issues is important, but the lived reality of disability, madness, and psychiatric abuse are felt and emotional. I came across this online film you can watch: Carts of Darkness. I don't want to give away too much, and I encourage you to watch it without reading the synopsis. But the film... Continue Reading →

An open letter about debilitating chronic illness (mine caused by psych med detox)

I found this written by a woman name Ricky Buchanan. I've discovered by creeping around the CFS and Fibromyalgia boards online that my day to day lived reality is like theirs. I am agnostic about giving myself such a label but I gain much support and don't feel as alone when I interact with people... Continue Reading →

Finally, I found the perfect physical therapist

Well, there is a happy epilogue to the home care story. After the latest debacle, I never got back to the home care agency. Prior to that incident I'd had another bad experience. I had no interest in engaging with them after all this as I didn't feel like being honest and telling them they... Continue Reading →

Denial? No, we need a paradigm shift

From a mental health blog: 1. Give up the luxury of denial. If you are on social security disability for mental illness and have no intention of getting off of it, stop telling professionals and everyone who will listen that you don’t believe in mental illness. Either you are scamming the federal government or you... Continue Reading →

Normal?? Me?

The other day I made a comment on Polly's blog, polarcoaster on this post. I said that my mood ranges these days were "in the realm of normal." I've spent the last couple of days wondering what that meant and whether or not others who read my blog might agree. What might be more precise... Continue Reading →

New Psychiatrist

I'm seeing a "holistic, orthomolecular" psychiatrist next week. When I asked her if she was willing to keep up with my disability paperwork if I chose to have her as my primary psychiatrist, her response was: "Well, you won't be needing disability once you've withdrawn." This assuming I follow her advice about how else to... Continue Reading →

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