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I’m seeing a “holistic, orthomolecular” psychiatrist next week. When I asked her if she was willing to keep up with my disability paperwork if I chose to have her as my primary psychiatrist, her response was: “Well, you won’t be needing disability once you’ve withdrawn.” This assuming I follow her advice about how else to treat myself naturally. I know I’m already doing much of what she approves of. That was the first time I was hit with such complete confidence that my recovery was a sure thing. I was a little taken aback. I simply said, “well that would be nice.” And it certainly would.

It struck me that this might be overconfidence on her part or even arrogance–but I think, too, that it was simply encouragement. I don’t have to assume I’ll be disabled for the rest of my life. Thanks for the boost new psychiatrist.

It’s not that I haven’t had the hope of what she said. I have. I’ve read many people’s success stories. I guess it’s a little warped that I took so much pleasure from a psychiatrist saying it. I’m still under the spell of authority. It’s what got me in trouble in the first place. I will tread lightly.

2 thoughts on “New Psychiatrist

  1. In science the observer is not supposed to affect their experiment through observing it, then you get some facts out of it. In psychiatry the patient is directly affected by the psychiatric acts. The patient is now ( in my case) a product of psychiatry, psychiatry made me who I am. To pretend patients live in a world without the consequences of past experiances and judgements of psychiatry, shows yet again psychiatrys inability to reflect on its actions.


  2. That sounds great Gianna. What worries me though is not that we ”need”disability but that psychiatrists TELL the world we will need it since we are ”incurable” and the world tends to accept their authority


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