Our brains on exercise

It's hard to understand why the importance and primacy of exercise is so often overlooked and/or buried in the treatment and care of those who suffer from mental distress. It is nothing short of criminal to not make exercise and diet/nutrition one of the first things that is tended to when people are suffering from that which is most often treated in psychiatry. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Fattened by pills

Psychiatric pills that is. An article by Paula Caplan in the Boston Globe: It is striking that the weight of many Americans has ballooned just as the prescribing of psychiatric drugs has surged. The Obesity Society categorizes nearly two-thirds of adult Americans as overweight, the average weight of an adult having increased since 1960 by... Continue Reading →

Psych meds make you fat

This was a response to Therese Borchard's piece from June 18th at PsychCentral. She is writing about good eating, lifestyle and exercise habits in the context of taking psychiatric drugs, which is fine, but I wanted to add my two cents. I put this in the comment section. I've added to it a bit for... Continue Reading →

The fat melts away: psychiatric drugs and fat–a commentary

So I'm feeling really skinny. I've lost about half of the 100 lbs psych drugs put on me. I do not want congratulations! No. Really because it generally strikes me as insulting. There is nothing to be congratulated. I don't deserve this any more than I deserved to gain the 100 lbs in the first... Continue Reading →

Does my butt look fat?

I'm a regular reader of Shapely Prose, a fat acceptance blog created by Kate Harding who has an article in Salon today. I link to this today just because her piece in Salon is so exactly my experience. Granted I gained weight because of psychotropics but otherwise every word she is saying I could be... Continue Reading →

The weight is dropping off

I always wondered what would happen once the neuroleptics (antipsychotics) were gone. Would my body, fat for so many years, just stay that way? I suspected yes. I somehow figured my body had simply learned to be fat. There are lots of studies on obesity that suggest the body wants to be the weight it... Continue Reading →

The politics of fat

I've dealt with being fat now for about 15 years. I follow fat news a bit. When I spot an article about it I read it. When I'm alerted to something about it on TV I watch it. There is a ton of myth surrounding fat and our ability to control our weight. Society at... Continue Reading →

Psychiatric Meds and Fat

Most of us who have been treated with psych meds gain weight, there are a lucky few who escape this side effect, and then many that gain a moderate amount and then what seems a large significant minority for whom major weight gain is a problem. I fall into the last category. Before I started... Continue Reading →

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