Medical Coercion — Tomi Gomory, Madness Radio

If madness isn’t like other illnesses, what is it? Should psychiatry have the power of legal coercion? How can the legacy of Thomas Szasz inform new ways of helping people? Tomi Gomory, associate professor of social work at Florida State University and co-author of “Mad Science: Psychiatric Coercion, Diagnosis, and Drugs,” explores thinking beyond the medical model of emotional distress. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Madness Radio: kickstarter campaign

Madness Radio needs your support! Please join the crowdsourcing funding effort on Kickstarter and support more Madness Radio episodes in 2013 and a Madness Radio book of interviews. Click here to join the Kickstarter campaign Madness Radio is hosted  by Beyond Meds editor Will Hall who has producing shows since 2005. This is Madness Radio’s […]

Will Hall’s updated recovery story

I posted Will Hall’s story a couple years ago and at that point it was already at least a couple of years old. He updated his story six months ago and asked that I publish the newer version here as well. So here it is. Since I was a child I’ve struggled with extreme emotions, […]

Christopher Lane: on Madness Radio and on making a splash in the mental health blogosphere

From Madness Radio: Do pharmaceutical companies control the social definition of normal? Can advertising and public relations campaigns turn acceptable personality differences into unacceptable disorders? British-American literary critic and historian Christopher Lane discusses his book Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness, including the way politics and profits drive the bible of mental health treatment, […]

An open letter to liberals and feminists

As someone with left leaning political views who also identifies as a feminist I am repeatedly frustrated, disappointed and angered by the left’s neglect of the human rights of those who have been psychiatrized. On this blog I tend not to emphasize my politics outside the political issues surrounding mental health because regardless of our political […]

Robert Whitaker on Madness Radio talking about how psychiatric drugs may be making many people worse

Robert Whitaker’s latest interview on Madness Radio with Will Hall. The description on Madness Radio’s website is this: Has society’s embrace of psychiatric medications led to recovery — or chronic disability? What would honest medical policy and treatment standards be if they were free of pharmaceutical company corruption? Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Whitaker, author of […]