UPDATE: SUCCESS! One Day Left for Madness Radio Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign!


WE DID IT! We made the goal! Thanks to everyone who helped out, with 198 donors raising more than $23,000 for Madness Radio!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Today is the last day — more than 150 people have become part of the Madness Radio Kickstarter campaign, and we need your help! Please join the LAST MINUTE PUSH to raise the funds needed to meet the goal of $20,000. We have only $2250 to go!

Make a contribution if you can, and please spread the word on Facebook, email, around the internet, and personally to people you know. Adding a personal note saying you donated makes a big difference.

Madness Radio Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

And you can join our Facebook page here.

Your support makes Madness Radio’s shows in 2013 possible, plus publishing a book of Madness Radio interviews (including with Beyond Meds publisher Monica Cassani).

Thanks for the incredible community support everyone!

— Will Hall, Host and Producer, and Leah Harris, Technical Director, Madness Radio


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