A little bit of everything…

Coming to love our “negative” feelings is part of the deal when we’re healing. The parts we like the least must be incorporated. You’ve got to love those babies too. The problems start when we deny of those types of feelings. That’s when they get ugly. No feelings are bad. Feelings are neutral. feeling them is not acting on them. We must feel them if we hope to ever come into flow. …

Reflections on learning to FLY

Tom Petty said it first..the eternal now dictates that this is happening at all times!! (I dare say I DO HAVE WINGS!! (I still crash to the ground, however…finding that place where the eternal now is always WINGED) …

Becoming conscious is risky business

When people are sensitive and they get labeled mentally ill…the force of all of society believing it’s an illness is projected onto us…If we don’t come to understand the actual toxic force of this it will kill us. That is the tragic truth. And it’s no small thing to do that. When all of society projects the belief that ugly, intractable uncontrollable forces are making us sick…well, no surprise…we get sick…

History in the system and my vision for mental health on Nonduality Talk

Highlights of part one in brief:

* The radical decision to stand up to the authority of psychiatry.
* education as a first step toward building the infrastructure, with an emphasis on solutions
* Nature of finding a psychiatrist that will support “non-compliance.”
* The journey towards getting off psychiatric medication.
* Society doesn’t want to feel, thinking life has to be happy all the time. Being non-compliant is about taking responsibility.
* the withdrawal process as a dark night of the soul
* husband’s support during her withdrawal period
* holding the gap between people off meds and still taking meds

Highlights of part two in brief:

* Healing as a process of learning to live well.
* Anger and other emotions.
* The danger of the power of psychiatrists
* Iatrogenic illness discussed: illness as the result of a physician’s action
* Taking your health into your own hands.
* Power of nutrition
* Creating community online and Monica’s personal community and more…
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