Dear family and friends

I wrote this to my family and friends yesterday, many of whom know very little about what is going on with me. Dear family and friends, Some of you know some of this and some of you don’t. I have reached a point in my detox where I cannot go on without professional care. I’ve […]

Healing depression and bipolar without drugs

Below is a link to an interview with a Gracelyn Guyol author of Healing Depression and Bipolar Without Drugs on Madness Radio with Will Hall. A very good primer on some of the possible causes of what get labeled as bipolar disorder and depression and how this woman learned to take care of herself through […]

Moving towards wellness

Well, I’ve talked about how the Klonopin (clonazepam) seems to be making me sick at this point and that theory seems to be holding up. It was also that theory that had my last doctor have me recklessly cold-turkey a couple of months ago. The thing is she wasn’t all wrong. I am toxic on […]

Guest blogger—taking on mental health in prisons

By Sue Westwind author of the blog: The Nutrient Path Check out the rest of her blog. It’s all good. Thank you Sue for letting me end the week with a good piece. I’ve needed a break and now my readers can feast their eyes on your wonderful thinking and writing while I continue to […]

Essential nutritional principles

Nutritional Know-how: Ten Essential Principles: By Dr. Alice Lee-Bloem –orthomolecular psychiatrist (published here with permission) There are thousands of nutritional companies each touting their products as being the best. The amount of information on nutritional supplements is overwhelming and almost impossible to navigate. In this maelstrom of options, it is important to follow a few […]