The politics of food, nutrition, vegan, paleo, etc. etc.

I mindfully use diet and food and herbs to heal my body/mind/spirit. Natural healing depends on it, but the information out there is sometimes very difficult to navigate. … [click on title to read and view more]

I’ve lost 85 lbs…and I continue to get healthier and healthier… #foodie friday

I lost 85 lbs the way Chris Kresser describes below. To be clear my body’s needs have changed – I no longer eat strictly paleo, but paleo has taught me so much about my body…and I never made weight loss the motivator…it was always about getting healthy and learning to listen to my body/mind… Chris Kresser has, for a long time, been a wonderful part of teaching me how to do this. Of note: I was bedridden and extremely ill, this journey was about healing for me, not weight loss. The weight loss was a secondary pleasant thing that came about. For me learning what my body needs and how I eat has been a continuing evolution. One that is not over. I am not married to any one system, but I can speak to the fact that Chris Kresser and other sources of paleo information was a critical piece for me to becoming healthy again. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Sweet potato grits (paleo & grain-free and vegan) #foodie friday

Odd but wonderful concoction: blended sweet potato, apple, chia seeds and LOTS of garlic...baked the "batter" in cast iron pan till crispy. It turned out tasting vaguely of baked or fried grits or polenta, both foods I miss but can no longer eat. This was a delightful surprise as I made it up totally on the fly with no real sense of what the final product would be like. You know what they say about the mother of invention. I need variation and diversity in my diet and so I am forever playing with new ingredients. My diet may be restricted in certain regards, but I make it a habit to add new foods I've never tried before as well as new combos all the time. This means I don't generally feel deprived as I'm always eating new and delicious foods. … [click on title to read and view more]

Holiday meal for two… #foodie friday

Thought I'd share our Christmas day meal since it was quite lovely and delicious as well as rather simple to prepare. A good whole food meal (paleo) that is delicious too. Making a meal this lovely for two didn't really take all that much time. It was all very simple. ●  Leg of lamb slathered... Continue Reading →

Liver and onions (gourmet style) — #foodie Friday

I've been eating lots of organ meats from grass-fed animals to get my B vitamins. I've never been a fan of beef liver but I'm finally getting liver right so that I actually enjoy it when I eat it. Here is a recipe.

Raisin pumpkin bread/cake **grain free, sugar free** today is #foodie Friday

So this is a paleo acceptable dessert of sorts. Some paleo people would take issue with the raisins. It's also acceptable on the GAPS diet for the most part. You might want to skip the baking soda. Otherwise it's all legal. I was making this yummy bread/cake while I was still eating eggs. I've since... Continue Reading →

Chicken liver pâté ( #foodie Friday)

Well I know a lot of people don't like liver pâté , but if you like it as much as I do you'll find this very inexpensive version of the delicacy a delight. I've added organ meats to my diet that I might get the dense nutrition they afford while I work on healing my body through diet. Organ meats tend to be far less expensive than ordinary cuts of meat and for people on a budget they allow for high quality organice, grass-fed and pastured meats to be on the menu more frequently. Foods with dense nutritional value are very important for getting healthy if one is ill.

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