Sweet potato grits (paleo & grain-free and vegan) #foodie friday

Paleo grits (grain free) sweet potato and appleOdd but wonderful concoction: blended sweet potato, apple, chia seeds and LOTS of garlic…baked the “batter” in cast iron pan till crispy. It turned out tasting vaguely of baked or fried grits or polenta, both foods I miss but can no longer eat. This was a delightful surprise as I made it up totally on the fly with no real sense of what the final product would be like. You know what they say about the mother of invention. I need variation and diversity in my diet and so I am forever playing with new ingredients. My diet may be restricted in certain regards, but I make it a habit to add new foods I’ve never tried before as well as new combos all the time. This means I don’t generally feel deprived as I’m always eating new and delicious foods.

So this is what I did to create this dish. As usual I don’t have a precise recipe because I’m pretty much always in spontaneous create mode.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI cut up one sweet potato, one apple and a HUGE clove of garlic (it was elephant garlic, so you can use three cloves of normal garlic) and tossed it all into a food processor. Then I added two tablespoons of chia seeds and just a wee bit of water (maybe a 1/4 cup). I added a bit of ghee and salt and pepper and blended it until it was nice and grainy but not totally smooth.

I heated the cast iron pans on the stove and put ghee in the bottom of the heated pan. (you can use any cooking fat or oil you prefer. I stay away from industrial seed oils –corn, cottonseed, soybean, safflower, sunflower, etc.– because they’re not healthy) Once the oil and pan are hot I spooned the very thick batter into the pan and flattened it out then put the pans into the oven at 400 degrees.

I cooked them for about 15 minutes and then brushed the top lightly with ghee and broiled it for about 5 minutes. The time is going to vary depending on how much of the batter is in the pan. That varies according to the size of the potatoes and apples. Experiment and have fun…it’s really good if you get a nice browned crust going on both the top and bottom.

Eating wholesome whole real food is important for body/mind/spirit health and well-being. I’ve written a lot about my adventure with diet and healing here:  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

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