Yes, psych meds DO shrink brains

And here the woman who studies this is interviewed. The choice bit is here: Q. AND WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND? A. I haven’t published this yet. But I have spoken about it in public lectures. The big finding is that people with schizophrenia are losing brain tissue at a more rapid rate than healthy people... Continue Reading →

Drug induced dementia — the perfect crime (Grace Jackson, MD)

New book by Grace Jackson. Below is a description with permission from the author to reprint: Under the influence of declining birth rates, expanding longevity, and changing population structures around the world, the global prevalence of senile dementia is expected to increase more than four-fold within the next forty years.    Within the United States alone,... Continue Reading →

The Grate Escape

Another episode from Keener's experiences of withdrawal from effexor. This is a story worth following. I know some of you are reading each section. If you've missed the first installments you can pick them up here: Part 1 and 2 here and part 3 here, and part 4 here, and part 5 here. The alternative... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Disorder ‘misdiagnosed in a quarter of cases’

An excerpt from an article on Medical News Today: They found that over 25% of the patients with bipolar disorder had initially had their condition misdiagnosed as unipolar depression. Misdiagnosis often occurs because the symptoms of bipolar disorder overlap with depression and other psychiatric disorders. However, misdiagnosis can cause serious problems. For example, if people... Continue Reading →

Excuse my language

I'm so fucking disoriented I think I took my Valium twice tonight. I'm alone this weekend. Sent Paul off to New York where he could participate in a conference for his work. He hesitated to leave me alone and I convinced him to go. The last thing I want is for him to feel he... Continue Reading →

The manifesto of a noncompliant mental patient

This is a beautiful piece. Please read! Submitted and authored by Aubrey Ellen Shomo I see it everywhere: People with mental illness need medication. It sounds reasonable. Today, there are even political organizations that seek to make it easy to force a person to take it. It's easy to look at another and assume things... Continue Reading →

So what is up with Gianna??

I'm sure you're all wondering. I wrote this post a long time ago without outing who treated me. At the time I still thought they might actually be honest people who had simply erred in ignorance. That is still probably true for the majority of the staff, but I have now collected enough information to... Continue Reading →

Keener’s odyssey (part 3)

Here is part 3 of Keener's journey. The rest of this post is her words: This part of the tale charts how I struggled to find a footing in the world and to find joy in it. However the ‘happy ever after’ part ultimately became somewhat delayed as I made a slight detour into utter... Continue Reading →

An open letter about debilitating chronic illness (mine caused by psych med detox)

I found this written by a woman name Ricky Buchanan. I've discovered by creeping around the CFS and Fibromyalgia boards online that my day to day lived reality is like theirs. I am agnostic about giving myself such a label but I gain much support and don't feel as alone when I interact with people... Continue Reading →

Keener’s story

For the whole collected story go here. Keener is now a long-time blogging "friend." We actually "met" way back when I first started blogging over two years ago now. Her and her friend's blog was/is predominantly about gardening but Keener had this side story that she worked on over time with multiple posts. I've been... Continue Reading →

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