Silence as an Alternative Consciousness

A contemplation for Christmas: For me, the two correctives of all spirituality are silence and service. If either of those is missing, it is not true, healthy spirituality. Without silence, we do not really experience our experiences. We may serve others and have many experiences, but without silence, nothing has the power to change us, to awaken us, to give us that joy that the world cannot give, as Jesus says (John 16:22). And without clear acts of free service (needing no payback of any sort, even “heaven”), a person’s spiritual authenticity can and should be called into question. Divine Love always needs to and must overflow! … [click on title for the rest of the post]

brightness and darkness on Christmas eve

Midnight mass is spoken at the end of Christmas eve. I thought this lovely poem first uttered in 1941 would be nice again today for all of us. Have a wonderful holiday however you celebrate and also if you do not. Your brightness is my darkness. I know nothing of You and, by myself, I... Continue Reading →

This is the great work of awareness…

By being with yourself, the 'I am'; by watching yourself in your daily life with alert interest, with the intention to understand rather than to judge, in full acceptance of whatever may emerge, because it is there, you encourage the deep to come to the surface and enrich your life and consciousness with its captive energies. This is the great work of awareness; it removes obstacles and releases energies by understanding the nature of life and mind. Intelligence is the door to freedom and alert attention is the mother of intelligence. [click on title to read more]

Wounding and healing are not opposites

Wounding and healing are not opposites. They're part of the same thing. It is our wounds that enable us to be compassionate with the wounds of others. It is our limitations that make us kind to the limitations of other people. It is our loneliness that helps us to to find other people or to even know they're alone with an illness. I think I have served people perfectly with parts of myself I used to be ashamed of.

If someone is denying your experience walk away…

If someone is denying your experience walk away. I too am still learning this one, given I'm an activist and advocate with some unusual knowledge...knowledge I often wish I did not have. There is a point in some dialogues where it becomes clear that any more discussion is wasted breath and life-force. Time to walk. This point may happen very soon or it may happen after quite a lot of discussion. When communication ceases, walk away. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Grieving and praising life are twins

I've been sitting vigil with my dying kitty for about 24 hours now. I have not slept. She has consistently needed tending to as she can no longer stand but clearly indicates a need to move and shift her body that she might be comfortable. This is precious, delicious time. I've been watching the film... Continue Reading →

Metta meditation: really beautiful animated video and directions for practice

Today I'm sharing a lovely little video a friend shared with me showing a simple metta (lovingkindness) meditation and then directions for the same featuring Jack Kornfield's work. The video is new to the blog, the directions from Jack are something I've shared before. I'm sharing it again as lovingkindess meditation can be very powerful and healing both. The video is really beautiful as well. The directions by Jack Kornfield go deeper into ways of expanding the practice. … [click on title to read the rest]

The Christ Path

I just started this course. The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey-- there is an intro talk from a couple of weeks ago available to listen to here. I was in on that call and immediately wanted to take the course. If it resonates it's worth checking it out. I majored in Religion and Christianity at UC Berkeley so this stuff is highly archetypically appropriate for me...but all sorts seem to be drawn to it. … [click on title to read the rest]

The heart of forgiveness

This is a very sophisticated treatment that looks at many of the questions people have when contemplating the forgiveness of those who've harmed us, sometimes very badly. … [click on title to read the rest]

Healing must come from all corners of experience. No quick fixes

When one understands the interconnectedness of everything it becomes clear that healing must borrow from all corners of experience... "Cure" is rarely one thing applied to the whole. It is instead a dance of many things synergistically coming together for wholeness.

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