The Christ Path

I just started this course. The Christ Path with Andrew Harvey– there is an intro talk from a couple of weeks ago available to listen to here. I was in on that call and immediately wanted to take the course.

If it resonates it’s worth checking it out. I majored in Religion and Christianity at UC Berkeley so this stuff is highly archetypically appropriate for me…but all sorts seem to be drawn to it. … [click on title to read the rest]

The heart of forgiveness

This is a very sophisticated treatment that looks at many of the questions people have when contemplating the forgiveness of those who’ve harmed us, sometimes very badly. … [click on title to read the rest]

Some thoughts on forgiveness

By Rick Belden — Forgiveness requires an end to the cycle of wounding — Sometimes the only viable path to forgiveness is to remove ourselves from those who continue to cause us harm despite our best efforts to communicate our needs clearly and maintain healthy boundaries. By taking care of ourselves and ending the cycle of wounding, we can establish a safe distance from those who have injured us, allowing ourselves to move through the old hurts and toward greater understanding and forgiveness without constantly being re-injured by new hurts that feel just like the old ones. … [click title to read the whole article]

brightness and darkness

Your brightness is my darkness.
I know nothing of You and, by myself,
I cannot even imagine how to go about knowing You.
If I imagine You, I am mistaken.
If I understand You, I am deluded.
If I am conscious and certain I know You, I am crazy.
The darkness is enough.

life conspires to support us

Once the journey of soul recovery is begun in earnest, Life itself conspires to support us. It is up to us to learn to cooperate with it. When we do, we discover a new horizon of joyful possibility ever expanding before us. ~ Ellen Grace O’Brian I’m learning this is true…but it can still be a […]