Evolving toward Unconditional Love

Tara Brach's work has been an inspiring influence for many years. This explores the evolutionary conditioning of fear and judgment that contracts us away from love and acceptance, and the quality of mindful presence—in relating inwardly and in communicating with others—that awakens and frees our hearts. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

There is nothing unique about our suffering. (Tonglen, a compassion practice)

Tonglen is a method that allows for the development of compassion. Compassion is necessary both for the relief of our own suffering and so that we might serve others towards the end of their suffering too. Compassion, by (Buddhist) definition, is the capacity and more importantly, the willingness to experience both our own suffering and the suffering of others. In other words you might say, you can't heal what you don't feel. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Awakening compassion, a guided meditation

A guided meditation from Tara Brach and some other good tidbits from her work too. … [click on title for the rest of the post]

Guided Meditation: “Letting Life Be As it Is”

Guided Meditation: "Letting Life Be As it Is" 15 min - Rest in awake space - in wakeful openness.

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