With appreciation from California

I first started reading “Beyond Meds” upon rushing to NYC over a year ago. My daughter was experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder during her early experience in college there.  She was frightened, extremely anxious and the “medication trials” that she was immediately placed on made her feel zombie like and even more out of control than ever.  Eventually she came home to California and took a semester off. She worked on CBT, met with counselors and looked for other ways to deal with her diagnosis.  I stumbled upon your site when googling non-medication ways to work with her symptoms and Beyond Meds has resonated so very much with us. It is important to include suggestions and modalities other than medications alone, and the many topics that you offer helped our daughter and us alike.  I am an RN and my husband is an MD and both of us are grateful for your insightful and wonderfully articulated blog.  She is doing better and is learning to deal with her symptoms, sometimes with medications, sometimes without.  It is a struggle at times but your blog reminds us that we do not struggle alone.

Happy Anniversary, 5 years of helping others is a huge accomplishment and you have no idea how many of your articles I have forwarded to others.  From the Bell Chant to Carl Jung I love the spiritual topics best and wish you health, happiness and praise for taking a difficult situation and turning it into something so valuable for the rest of us.

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